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J2ME VNC is a VNC client for J2ME devices, such as new mobile phones and the PalmOS (with J2ME runtime).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 May 2004 03:53

    Release Notes: This release includes partial support for two new features (basic macros support and the HTTP Socket client code) but the server is still incomplete. Bugs affecting the Black Berry and JBlend VMs, a number of small bugs affecting all platforms, as well as a major bug that also affected all platforms have been fixed. A number of small UI improvements have been incorporated, and the popular "Downloading" icon has been updated to a "Working" icon.

    •  06 Nov 2003 03:22

      Release Notes: This is the first beta. This version should be fully functional on all mobile devices supporting Sockets. This also includes a number of new features, including local cursor mode, customizable mouse movement, double-click key, support for 8-letter passwords (no more array problems on log in), as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements on NCM. The primary downloads have also had the debugging information removed, making the program smaller, faster, and more stable.

      •  15 Oct 2003 06:24

        Release Notes: Nokia phones should work well with this release, and will not lead to an Out Of Memory Error. It can still get confused if the server sends it data it is not expecting, or if the server combines updates. It also includes a Nokia Compatibility Mode, AKA NCM. Users should notice quite an improvement (if not using a Nokia phone, or a phone which has the same problems as Nokia phones) when this option is disabled, and J2ME VNC will not get confused (stop working).

        •  18 Sep 2003 00:50

          Release Notes: This release contains only two changes, designed to make it work on Nokia phones. If you are not having problems, don't bother upgrading. It queues keypresses and processes them outside the event loop (good for all phones). It also queues input and does both input and output in one thread (an evil hack for Nokia phones).

          •  05 Aug 2003 00:46

            Release Notes: The problems with the Nokia and Motorola phones should be gone, and the application should be full functional on all J2ME-enabled mobile phones that support Sockets. It is also available in English, Greek, German, French, and Polish.


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