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J-EAI is an XMPP-based Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform (also known as ESB, the Enterprise Service Bus). It is composed of several components, including an Erlang XMPP server core, connectors that support Open Adaptor and XSLT, and several distribution mechanisms, including publish and subscribe and content-based routing.

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Release Notes: This version supports collection nodes in the pub sub module. Node collection support increases the flexibility of the publish and subscribe model. Several bugs have been also fixed.

Release Notes: This release fixes some minors bugs on the publish and subscribe mechanism and is now compliant with ejabberd 0.9.1. This means that J-EAI supports virtual hosting and shared rosters. Documentation has also been updated. This release is now distributed with an installer for Linux. The installer takes care of installing all the necessary components (except Java, if you want to use the Java based features of J-EAI).

  •  12 Feb 2005 15:31

Release Notes: This version fixes several minor bugs. Most notably, messages sent from the Web interface are now properly logged.

Release Notes: This release improves the publish and subscribe functions in conformance to JEP 0060 and now supports pubsub node configuration. It is possible to define whether a node is persistent or not, and the number of items to persist. It is also possible to define various notification parameters, such as the delivery of the payload with the notifications, the notification of subscribers when some changes occurs on items, the items the maximum size of the payload, the subscription approvers, and the notification of online users only, etc. Publishing items to pubsub nodes is now possible directly from the Web interface.

  •  25 Nov 2004 16:13

Release Notes: This version improves documentation, improves publish and subscribe support, and fixes several bugs. Regarding the documentation, note that much more information is published regarding the use of J-EAI, but the documentation still lags behind the overall feature set of the tool. This release is distributed as a source code archive or as prepackaged ready-to-use Erlang REPOS software.


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