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  •  23 Jan 2011 16:00

Release Notes: Internationalization support was added, including a partial French translation. This version depends on jblite 0.4.3.

  •  06 Mar 2010 10:41

Release Notes: Basic dictionary lookup is working. Most features from version 1.2.3 are not yet present.

  •  09 Dec 2008 13:32

Release Notes: A bug with the shebang line in the Linux download script was fixed. A bug involving the kanji test configuration tab's default settings on fresh installs was fixed. A few other minor changes were made.

  •  30 Nov 2008 11:44

Release Notes: Kanji can now be added and sorted by Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level. A bug with the JLPT code introduced in the previous version was also fixed. The kanji list editor has also been slightly revised.

  •  16 Nov 2008 15:06

Release Notes: The default kanji file was changed from KANJIDIC2 to KANJIDIC to improve performance. The Kanji dictionary now shows Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) levels for kanji characters. Kanji test mode now has single-key keyboard shortcuts, stroke order display in kanji writing mode, and a "show answers" button. Improved installers for Linux and Windows allow users to download and install optional dictionary and stroke order diagram packages automatically.

  •  21 Apr 2008 07:28

Release Notes: KANJIDIC2 support has been added. A multi-method kanji search method has been added, supporting SKIP, stroke count, and handwriting recognition methods. The fonts for dictionary output and several other areas of the program can now be customized. Gzipped dictionaries are now supported, as are both UTF-8 and EUC-JP encoding for dictionary files. The interface has been changed from wxWidgets to GTK+/GTKmm. Many tabs from the previous interface have been moved into menus. For Windows only: a "mobile mode" has been added, allowing USB "thumb drive" installs.

  •  08 Feb 2008 03:29

    Release Notes: The makefile was changed to support "make install" and to better handle intermediate build files. Linux builds now follow the File Hierarchy Standard. The software now uses libiconv for handling charset conversions. All wxWidgets-specific code has been removed from non-GUI classes with the exception of the error log. A DocBook manual has been written and is now on the project Web site.

    •  17 Dec 2007 09:00

    Release Notes: Character search using handwriting recognition (based on KanjiPad) was added. The makefile was changed to support Windows builds of the software using MinGW/mingw32-make. EDICT2/KANJIDIC was updated.

    •  05 Dec 2007 09:30

    Release Notes: Several bugfixes. Dictionaries have been converted to UTF-8, fixing the multi-byte search bug. An infinite loop bug in the search code has been fixed, and English-Japanese word searching has been improved.

    •  02 Nov 2007 10:15

    Release Notes: This is the first version with Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary search (bugs do exist). It adds support for stroke order diagrams. The GUI has been significantly reorganized. Dictionary loading code and related parts of the program have been rewritten, greatly improving memory usage of the program.


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    A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.


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    An interface library to access tags for identifying languages.