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IzSound is a C++/STL stream-oriented sound processing library. It has been designed around small DSP units that can be chained together to operate on the sound data stream.


Recent releases

  •  30 Jan 2004 22:59

    Release Notes: The error handling is now performed by using exceptions. There are minor C++ fixes. A set of Python bindings are now available.

    •  19 Jan 2004 10:49

      Release Notes: In this release, MadDecoder is now working well. Volume can now perform some channel balancing. A white noise generation DSP unit has been added. The libraries now use the Libtool versioning scheme, instead of the less flexible release scheme. It now includes various minor fixes in some DSP units and the Doxygen documentation.

      •  05 Jan 2004 13:16

        Release Notes: IzSound leaves the alpha status for the beta status. A new MadDecoder DSP unit allows the decoding of MP3 files. OggFileDecoder goes into the stopped status when the end of the file is reached. The first version of the IzSound manual was written using XML DocBook. A new reset() method has been added to the DspUnit class. The Doxygen documentation allows the reader to browse the entire IzSound source code. Various minor fixes were made.

        •  19 Dec 2003 21:48

          Release Notes: A bug when connecting/disconnecting DSP units on the fly has been fixed. Some missing HAVE_CONFIG_H preprocessor tests have been added. There is better volume clipping (avoids 'clicks'), the BandFilter DSP unit, a minor Doxygen file tweak, and the DataPicker DSP unit.

          •  30 Nov 2003 13:01

            Release Notes: The Doxygen file has been updated (doxygen -u doxyfile). In LibAOOutput, the driver can now be autodetected when passing 0 as the driver string. Flanger now flushes its internal buffers when one of them becomes empty. A segfault-prone bug was fixed. The configure script does not specify an arbitrary "-Ox" flag anymore. In Flanger, some things had not been correctly merged during a CVS update, but this problem is minor as only a comment had not been updated and a useless "#define" had not been removed.


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