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Release Notes: This maintenance release brings many fixes and translation updates. Users are strongly encouraged to migrate installers to this release.

Release Notes: This release brings many new features and fixes, and users are encouraged to migrate to it.

Release Notes: New panels and new translations were added. A lot of work was done on the GUI code. It also contains Many bugfixes were made, and users are strongly recommended to upgrade to this new stable release.

Release Notes: Among the many improvements in this release, you will find new compression options (none, gzip/deflate, bzip2), new XHTML documentation, many look and feel fixes, better integration on Mac OS X, better support for shortcuts in environments, and a refactored compiler. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to this new version.

Release Notes: This release has a lot of enhancements and fixes. It includes new translations, custom actions that can be plugged at the various stages, package dependencies, shortcuts support for compliant environments, and a tutorial targeting new users.

Release Notes: This major release brings a lot of changes. Some visible changes are a lot of i18n improvements as well as more eye candy. The native launcher is now stable. Some 'under the cover' changes include a lot of refactoring and cleanups. The Win32 shortcuts code has also been improved.

Release Notes: Several fixes and enhancements were made to the uninstaller. An updating feature was added. The compiler now produces some warnings. A 'sudo' panel was added, and the KDE Crystal icons are now used. Packs can now have OS constraints. Various bugfixes and other enhancements were also made.

Release Notes: In this version, various bugs were fixed. The compiler now returns a sensible exit code on error. There are Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish localization updates. In the InstallPanel, the overall progress bar makes steps forward only after a pack has been fully processed. In the CompilePanel the Start button is disabled after successful compilation. There is an improved search field of the UserInputPanel that adds "checkfilename". XInfoPanel has a UI fix.

Release Notes: Three built-in variables that you can use with the variables substitutor were added. New ProcessPanel. The documentation is now licensed under a Commons Creative license. The documentation now has a nicer cover page. A jar file execution fix on the classpath arguments passing. On Win32, "Program Files" can now be localized, and com.izforge.izpack.util.OsConstraint was missing in uninstaller.jar. In the frontend, jar files could be listed in the panels tab, and the scripts execution flag is now set to all users on Unix-like systems (chmod a+x), regardless of who the user is (i.e. root or a single user).

Release Notes: The possibility to use a standalone compiler was added. An overall progress bar was added to InstallPanel. CompilePanel was added. The infrastructure for automated installation was added. The documentation was improved. Packs can now be preselected. Packs are now allowed to be OS dependent. Finer control is provided when overwriting files. Error handling was made finer, and now reports missing attributes.


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