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iWare is a Web-based Content Management System designed to make creating a professional Web presence easy without the associated hassles of learning to program or master a third-party application. Setup is made easy through an intuitive installation script and installation guide. Changes to the site's content are made in realtime through an easy-to-use browser-based control panel. The visual appearance and layout properties can be changed instantly at a global level by selecting from pre-installed skins. Uploading and managing files is done through a browser-based file management utility.


Recent releases

  •  12 Apr 2005 21:06

    Release Notes: This release incorporates several new features as well as a handful of bugfixes and patches to the application for better security and stability. It features an updated Web-based installer, a newly designed control panel UI, and several new modules including a Site Map, Poll, System Logging, and Send Page functionality. Upgrading is recommended.

    •  31 Aug 2004 07:06

      Release Notes: Major improvements have been made to the WYSIWYG editor to add cross browser compatibility as well as more flexibility. An implementation of the tinyMCE editor has been added with Mozilla support which can be selected now at install time using the standard installation tool provided. This release also incorporates several small bugfixes throughout the core application.

      •  22 Jul 2004 21:41

        Release Notes: This release contains several bugfixes as well as newly extended multi-language support.

        •  24 Feb 2004 16:17

          Release Notes: This release includes a major upgrade to the entire application, including a slick new GUI, many features, and numerous bugfixes. Also included in this release are newly improved modules, enabling you to embed a variety of Web applications into your content on the fly.

          •  26 Sep 2003 17:58

            Release Notes: This release corrects many problems previously encountered when using the editor interfaces. It adds new features including table insertion, media library, and link insertion. The developers' documentation has been revised. The first three of many modules supporting the new design have been added, including the framework to incorporate multi-language support and automatic installation.

            Recent comments

            26 Aug 2003 07:11 dsimmons

            Re: great software!

            > This is a great software and has lots of
            > potential. I tried it with eQip: QNX on
            > Pocket/Personal Devices project, and am
            > happy with it.

            Glad to hear you liked the software and that it worked out well for you. The positive comments are much appreciated! By the way the QNX site is a very nice implementation as well, great job.

            20 Aug 2003 09:05 liug

            great software!
            This is a great software and has lots of potential. I tried it with eQip: QNX on Pocket/Personal Devices ( project, and am happy with it.


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