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Simple Rescue CD

Simple Rescue CD is a small Linux rescue CD, suitable for booting systems that have become unbootable due to filesystem corruption or other problems. It lies somewhere between minimalist boot floppies and large full-featured rescue systems, and as such is suitable for when space is tight, such as on business card CDs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Feb 2004 05:16

    Release Notes: The kernel version was upgraded to 2.4.25, and a sample bochsrc has been made available for easier testing.

    •  01 Dec 2003 17:55

      Release Notes: The kernel version has been upgraded to 2.4.23.

      •  04 Dec 2002 13:28

        Release Notes: Booting support was improved, and the kernel was upgraded to 2.4.20. Some minor cosmetic improvements and build fixes were made. If the previous version didn't boot for you, try this one.

        •  11 Jul 2002 20:12

          Release Notes: Username lookup in "ls", etc. now works properly. A working "shutdown" has been added. "chvt" has been added. A Makefile bug has been fixed so that "make" need only be run once after a logo change. An example ISO image has been added to the project home page.

          •  09 Jul 2002 06:23

            Release Notes: The kernel was upgraded to 2.4.18, and minor boot script changes were made to cope better with multiple CDROMs.


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