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Interactive Visualization Framework

Ivf++ (Interactive Visualization Framework) is a simple OpenGL/GLUT-based C++ visualization framework. Its main goal is to create a foundation of classes that can be extended in simple ways. It also encapsulates the GLUT event model in a set of easy-to-use classes (based on the GlutMaster classes), so a simple GUI can be built quickly. It can be used together with other GUI libraries using provided widgets.


Recent releases

  •  09 Mar 2001 09:56

    Release Notes: A simple matrix/vector library (ivfmath); image loading is separated from the core ivf library. An IvfTexture is assigned an image using a IvfImage derived class. Special image loaders (Currently only SGI images) are located in the ivfimage library. Most IvfVector references have been replaced by IvfVec3d or IvfVec4d.

    •  05 Dec 2000 20:49

      Release Notes: Initial release, with newly added autoconf/automake support.


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