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IT Mill Toolkit is a server-side RIA (Rich Internet Application) library that provides a versatile set of AJAX widgets for Java programmers. Applications are programmed in Java and executed server-side. At the client-side (i.e. in the browser), enhanced GWT widgets are used for presentation.

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  •  15 Jun 2008 08:33

Release Notes: Java Portlets are supported. See the following wiki articles for details. Multiple applications are supported in the same browser window. The Google Web Toolkit (gwt) libraries have been updated to 1.4.62. Many bugs were fixed. Some of the changes in this release cause backward incompatibility with existing applications, mainly caused by the new support for multiple applications per page.

Release Notes: The look and feel were enhanced. Google Web Toolkit (GWT) integration was implemented. Several new components and widgets were added. AJAX performance was improved. The CSS themes were simplified.

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15 Oct 2009 09:17 phoe Thumbs up

Or go directly to Vaadin web-site:

15 Oct 2009 09:17 phoe Thumbs up

IT Mill Toolkit name has changed - the versions starting from 6 are called Vaadin. See Vaadin project in freshmeat.


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