Version 1.2 of ITDB

Release Notes: A new application starting page was added, including a simplified view of most functions for beginners, and several minor fixes regarding bugs, security, and styling.

    Other releases

    •  24 Dec 2013 03:00

      Release Notes: QR codes can now have text prefixes so as to point to URLs. forint (Ft) currency has been added. There are minor bugfixes to correctly run on some distributions (such as CentOS) that have short_open_tags=off in php.ini by default.

      •  28 Sep 2013 15:16

        Release Notes: Bugfixes, better error reporting, and experimental LDAP authentication.

        •  18 Nov 2012 21:08

          Release Notes: Mostly a bugfix version. Also adds experimental import, adds item depreciation value query, and fixes some input bugs with Chrome.

          •  26 Apr 2012 21:08

            Release Notes: Several bugfixes for IE8, db updates via GUI from this version on, a new rack popup view, editing of file types, configurable servicetag URLs, timezones, and several other improvements.

            •  19 Jan 2012 21:48

              Release Notes: This release fixes rack icon links on the home screen, updates the plotting library jqplot to support pie charts on IE9, and has better CSS in the translation interface.


              Project Spotlight


              A Super Mario Bros. game.


              Project Spotlight

              Text Fiction

              A Z-Machine for Android.