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  •  03 Jul 2006 18:08

Release Notes: This release adds a new buildsystem which compiles with gcc 4.

  •  26 Oct 2002 15:20

Release Notes: This release has GCC 3.2 support and test suit fixes.

  •  14 May 2002 00:24

Release Notes: Fix several compilation issues that were caused by using the template under certain circumstances.

  •  27 Feb 2002 02:18

Release Notes: A --strip-include-dirs option was added.

  •  20 Aug 2001 03:38

Release Notes: A few new accessors, and numerous bugfixes in the Pipe.

  •  19 Aug 2001 03:37

Release Notes: A new block feature in the "filling" Pipe::reads, a new -include-prefix option in the preprocessor, and prepending "itclib/" to the includes.

  •  18 Aug 2001 06:20

Release Notes: Now uses autoconf. Has a few small bug fixes. This is a release candidate.

  •  29 Jul 2001 20:13

Release Notes: A high-speed Pipe (FIFO) class for communicating between threads, and several speed improvements and bugfixes.

  •  26 Jul 2001 09:14

Release Notes: New features include a remote-thread procedure call system, a complete threading solution with easy-to-use Thread, Mutex, Semaphore, and Condition classes, several bugfixes, a few small optimizations, support for asyncronous calls, and much more API documentation.

Release Notes: Changes from previous major version include: Optimizations, polling for new events is extremely fast (typically under 10 microseconds) - each function call is under 100us. All variables are supported without the need for transfer functions. Now requires a working pthread implementation, which almost all unices have.


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