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iRogue is a port of Rogue, a classic game. It requires PalmOS 2.0 or higher to run.

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Release Notes: The ASCII characters which represent the display of the dungeon can now optionally be replaced with a collection of bitmap tiles. (So, for example, 'S' could be replaced with a more graphical representation of a snake.) One example collection is included in the distribution. Tiles can be customized by using an icon editor (such as Pimlico Software's free "dbIcon+") and may be grayscale or color. This feature is currently restricted to OS 3.5 and higher.

  •  01 Jun 2001 20:20

Release Notes: New features since the last stable release are color, an option for having a black background option, and an option to have an auto-sorted inventory.

Release Notes: A new "Invert" option in Preferences (makes the background black and the default foreground white in the dungeon), and a a text file with a complete color scheme.


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