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OpenGL Performer

OpenGL Performer is a high-performance 3D rendering toolkit for developers of realtime visual simulations and other interactive graphics applications. It dramatically simplifies development of complex applications such as those for visual simulation, simulation-based design, virtual reality, interactive entertainment, broadcast video, CAD, and architectural walk-through. It is built atop the industry-standard OpenGL graphics library, includes both ANSI C and C++ bindings, and is available for both the IRIX operating system and GNU/Linux.


Recent releases

  •  23 Nov 2000 02:22

    Release Notes: This release adds pfShaders for sophisticated, programmable model shading, pfVolFog to support the rendering of layered and patchy fog, support for multi-process operation and frame-accurate timing control under Linux, pfRotorWash to create the visual effect of down-wash in Helicopter simulation, Double-Precision Matrix support for rendering extremely large databases in which objects are far from the origin, CPU Priority specification to allow multiple run-time processes to run on the same processor, anisotropic filtering under Linux to improve texturing visual quality, support for Multi-Texture under Linux for the application of multiple textures upon an object, improved pfLOD behavior that allows custom evaluation functions, speed and functionality enhancements for pfFlux, pfCliptexture, and pfLightpoints, pfHyperpipe support for the DPLEX hardware option, and a new "EventView" performance-tuning tool for instrumenting and tuning your OpenGL Performer application.

    •  06 Jun 2000 03:54

      Release Notes: Support for SGI 230, SGI 330, and SGI 550 workstations, support for XFree86 4.0, enhanced detection of OpenGL features and driver capabilities, performance enhancements for SGI workstations, a new 'flight stick' motion model for perfly, enabling of anti-aliased lines & points on hardware that supports it, enabling of video-retrace synchronization on hardware that supports it, and stability, robustness, and interactivity improvements.

      •  07 Dec 1999 03:59

        Release Notes: Initial announcement.


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