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04 Nov 2008 21:15 jeffmings

Great utility!
This is really easy and simple! Very useful! I am really please with how quickly I can start watching network traffic with little more than an apt-get or yum install.

Thanks for the project!

-Jeff Mings

05 May 2002 23:20 vgivanovic

Display problems (perhaps)
[RedHat 7.2 (with all updates + 2.4.17smp kernel)]
[iptraf 2.6.1, just built on the same system it's running on]

1.The TCP connections display seems to link each line with itself instead of linking a pair of lines, and adjacent lines don't seem to be related.

2. Flow rate never gets above 0.0 Kbytes/sec.

3. I can' tell if closed TCP connections are being aged properly and dropped from the display. I seem to end up with more and more connections displayed, and many are marked CLOSED.

A window dump of iptraf on my system is available at

Are these bugs or operator error?


26 Oct 2000 23:51 superpatou

very nice
iptraf is at this time the best ip traffic monitoring software i've seen
keep on your good job :)
i recommend it to every system admin. It's light, it's easy, it's accurate.

02 May 2000 09:25 davidverzolla

Very Good!
In the truth, the new interface moved very of versoes previous, very liked it work in top ncurses. He was excellent and of easy manejament.


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