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slack-get is a toolbox like apt-get for Slackware Linux. It will support an indexing system for use on non-standard packages. It also supports a Perl/Qt GUI, which requires perlQt.

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Recent releases

  •  30 Jun 2006 14:39

    Release Notes: This release adds new widgets for the GUI, speed improvements, and new icons.

    •  11 Oct 2005 07:18

      Release Notes: The "daemon stop bug" was fixed. An alpha version of the plug-in system was included along with support for internationalization (French and English are currently supported). Some little bugs in the GUI were fixed and LocalEditor, a GUI plug-in was included. Some important modifications were made in the slackget10 library bundle. A shell script that automatically installs the 25 required Perl modules waS Included. The daemon now scans more than one directory for the configuration file (just like the GUI) and now automatically creates all caches at launch time.

      •  26 Sep 2005 08:30

        Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. A new widget was added for the new slack_conf version. The "View" menu was added in the GUI with three views available. A very big performance improvement was done.

        •  15 Sep 2005 20:59

          Release Notes: Many changes and updates in the slack-get 1.0 library (slackget10), a new GUI packages browser, improved performance, and a new GUI widget for presenting package information.

          •  09 Sep 2005 09:14

            Release Notes: Everything was newly recreated.

            Recent comments

            12 Feb 2009 13:46 arnaud_dupuis

            Project stalled

            I wanted to warn everyone following this project (and not the development blog) that all development activity have been stalled on the slack-get project. This is effective immedialty and until further notice.

            The reason is that I am currently working on another Open Source project ( and I have no time to develop both of them alone.

            As soon as the release of this project occurs I will resume work on slack-get.


            27 Oct 2007 02:45 arnaud_dupuis

            New development blog

            Since I resumed slack-get development I put online a
            development blog were I can keep everybody
            informed of the changes.

            The point of this blog is also to discuss about
            development problems, request of features and
            implementation critics and proposal.

            The blog is at

            I hope to see you there soon !

            Arnaud Dupuis

            07 Sep 2005 04:02 L_Abbe

            I have update links on slack-get page.

            The new link is on version 0.9.1 wich is not a real release but a
            bugfixed version.

            But the fixes only concerned the GUI, the command line tool
            (slack-get) is TOTALLY UNUSABLE. Please do not use it, for the
            sake of your computer !

            I will release today a pre-alpha version of slack-get 1.0.0.

            This one is totaly new and fully functionnal ;-)

            19 Apr 2005 14:08 L_Abbe

            the futur of slack-get
            Against all appearences, I am not dead and I don't
            have stoped the slack-get's development.

            But slack-get is at a point where the code is so worst
            that it is impossible for me to continue the
            improvement. So I have start to entirely recode
            slack-get (and slack-browser) in a new code

            I explain all reasons of this re-code and some new
            features of the new release at :


            10 Jan 2005 11:17 L_Abbe

            Perl dependencies
            For those who have problems with slack-get

            dependencies (with the Slackware packages) there is 2

            ways to solve the problem :

            1/ use the source and at make time type make dep

            2/ go to the website and download the file

            slack-get-extra-modules-sources.tar.bz2 (it contains

            the followings Perl modules : Qt, libwww-perl,

            Time::HiRes and File::Reader)

            Enjoy !


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