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Release Notes: This release adds the new option -Hi. It allows arithmetic comparison on values of the sets' headers' "Header" flag (i.e., hashsize, timeout). The options to exclude set members are no longer mutually exclusive to those which match members. Some corrections to the command synopsis and the bash completion code have also been done.

  •  29 Dec 2013 19:44

Release Notes: This release includes some minor fixes in the help synopsis and the completion code. The set names to operate on can now be specified as a glob pattern. The option -n now allows you to specify other matching parameters while listing the set names only.

  •  26 Dec 2013 10:20

Release Notes: New in this release is the -Oi option, which allows you to match the options of set elements (i.e. timeout, bytes, packets) by arithmetic comparison of their values. A bug in parsing of the pattern of the -Fi option was fixed.


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