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ipsec_tunnel is not a complete IPsec implementation, but provides IPsec tunnels, the perfect way to provide secure communication between private networks over the Internet. The main goals are to provide an easy-to-use RFC compliant IPsec tunnel implementation, with simple, intuitive, manual keying, normal (i.e. sane) routing, and good documentation, and to not requre kernel source code patching.

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  •  11 Oct 2004 01:49

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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11 Oct 2004 04:43 infrastation

Re: This release is over 1 year old ...
I was filling dependencies for /etc/net and found that ipsec_tunnel is missing from FM, so I just created a record.

11 Oct 2004 02:54 haitauer

This release is over 1 year old ...

did you sleep over a year that you made that announce today? ;-p

ciao, Marc


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