Version 0.4 of Iotop

Release Notes: Iotop is now compatible with python2.4 using the ctypes module. Setuptools is no longer used in favor of straight distutils.

    Other releases

    •  27 May 2013 19:05

      Release Notes: This is mainly a fix for the busy looping bug on exit in certain situations. Install scripts now install to sbin/ instead of bin/. Releases are now GPG signed with key "4096R/4D23A27E 2013-05-26".

      •  03 Feb 2013 22:46

        Release Notes: Iotop has been converted to Python 3 and is now installed in sbin instead of bin. The display is adapted to the maximum pid width. Both total and actual disk bandwidth are included in the summary.

        •  31 Oct 2011 01:47

          Release Notes: The only fixes are cosmetic, including a better error message when missing root credentials.

          •  28 Mar 2011 21:17

            Release Notes: The netlink message parsing code was fixed to accept alignment padding. UTF-8 output is now forced even if the locale is misconfigured. The semantic of the 'a' key was changed to show stats since iotop was started.

            •  15 Dec 2010 09:38

              Release Notes: There is a workaround for an ncurses bug where UTF-8 strings are misprinted. Ioprio support for the armel and hppa architectures was added. A possible incompatibility with Linux 2.6.37 on 64-bit systems was fixed. Iotop does not crash anymore when the locale is incorrectly configured.


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