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23 Nov 1999 08:56 AHinMaine

Not really that impressed. A better name would be iPIM2000, since that's really all it is. Calling it iOffice borders on being misleading since people associate office software with word processing, spreadsheet, etc. Definitely not worth the very high price tag as it sits now. There's no mention of scalability at all. How would it perform on a single server if there were, say, a thousand users hitting it?

If it was more like zcentral ( as far as features and security functions and such (as well as look-n-feel), it would DEFINITELY be worth the cash. Who knows, perhaps they're heading in that direction.

22 Nov 1999 14:14 shaman

This is great. A little more work and TWIG would be right there, but still this is wonderful stuff for the office.


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