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Into is a cross-platform machine intelligence application framework written in C++. Into provides a different, fast way to build high-performance applications for image analysis, machine vision, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence. It features a layered API and more than 20 fully interoperable plug-in modules for accessing image and data sources, powerful feature extractors, classifiers, neural networks, and much more. It also provides Ydin, an innovative execution engine that makes it easy to create dynamic programs that automatically run in parallel, enabling you to create more with less hassle, less code, and less time. Into uses Qt to let you create beautiful user interfaces for your applications with ease.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Dec 2011 08:50

    Release Notes: The most notable new feature is a new remote object framework. It allows one to map QObjects directly to URIs in a Web server, which makes Web browser integration a no-brainer. The remote object framework also provides a completely network-transparent signal/slot mechanism and allows calling remote functions with none of "brokers" or "stub compilers" that many Corba developers hate deeply. Beta2 comes with a new OCR plug-in, over 200 bugfixes, and improvements in performance, stability, and usability.

    •  29 Apr 2011 21:07

      Release Notes: This release contains many bugfixes and performance enhancements. It introduces a new object detection framework, the RANSAC algorithm, k-d trees, shape-based matching, experimental QML support, and many more new features. This release is the first Into version that comes with an exception to the AGPL. The exception allows one to link Into to most free software even if the license is not compatible with the AGPL.

      •  21 Oct 2010 10:56

        Release Notes: This release introduces a JavaScript API, prebuilt Mac OS X binary packages, the FAST corner detector algorithm, enhanced logging facilities, and a number of other new features. A number of bugs have been fixed, including a couple of potential deadlocks. Some interfaces have been made more consistent with each other.

        •  13 Sep 2010 09:48

          Release Notes: This release introduces Mac OS X support, a number of important bug fixes, and some new features. The kernel methods framework is now finished, including implementations of kernel perceptron and adatron. A major part of linear algebra methods were rewritten for numerical stability and speed. Many installer-related issues were resolved.

          •  30 Jun 2010 08:20

            Release Notes: A major reorganization of the code base has been done. Binary compatibility has been enhanced. The matrix library has been completely rewritten and optimized. Naming conventions have been made Qt-compatible. New features include, for example, an RDF-style resource database and new classifier interfaces.

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            does not even unpack


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