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Release Notes: This release adds a lot of new features, especially in the AJAX-enabled department. It adds client-side field validation with PHP, a lot of styling improvements, and a lot of bugfixes. The administration section got a makeover. Flextables now have even more options to control their behavior, and the performance of flaxtables is better. New trigger events have been added, and a new way to do database upgrades has been implemented.

Release Notes: Extra fields for users and groups were added, enabling you to set permissions on all tables based on values in these extra fields. The extended-privileges functionality was too slow, so it has been improved and is now a lot faster. The option to send email when a non-admin account adds a user account has been added; new users can be automatically notified of their account information. Most bugs were fixed, and some performance improvements were made. The layout was updated and many classes and IDs were added to make it easier to adjust the layout of Interleave.

Release Notes: This release introduces the possibility to edit fields right in the main list. Business rules triggered by your change are automatically executed and changes will be reflected in the list in real time. All lists got a makeover and look better. Sorting and filtering can now be performed on all fields. All flextable fields can now be shown in the main entity list and thanks to HTML5 it's finally possible to upload several files at once. The search routines now also support Google-style searching (logical AND/NOT). Some security issues were resolved and all known bugs were fixed.

  •  25 Jan 2004 08:00

Release Notes: All open bugs were fixed. An option to de-activate customers was added, which means that de-activated customers cannot be selected anymore. Deep linking is now possible, the insert-only interface has a makeover, and the installer now also checks for register_globals. All users are encouraged to upgrade to 1.9.6 as soon as possible.


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