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Template Interface Engine

Template Interface Engine joins back-end code (as business logic layer) and HTML code (known as presentation layer) which are written in separate files. This class implements a template engine that uses regular expressions to locate placeholder marks. It supports template loops and uses event driven callback functions to set variables inside the loop sections. Outside loop sections, the variable values can set directly. The tags used by this engine are enclosed by comment HTML tags, so the templates can be edited later by any WYSIWYG HTML editor.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Mar 2006 16:53

    Release Notes: A configuration file was added. An INCLUDE tag feature was added. "Logic expression" evaluation was fixed and enhanced so that the loop name can be used in the expression as a variable instead of another expression that represents the count of the table data loop. While it is impossible to use all internal PHP functions by default, you can now use a declaration in the configuration file to permit this. The "RegisterFunction" function was added, which is used to register a custom function used by the class.

    •  06 Mar 2006 08:55

      Release Notes: IF-ELSEIF-ELSE blocks and LOOP blocks are now supported. Multi-template files can be handled as header, body, and footer. The output can be sent to stdout, to a file, or as string (by using _PIPE mode). The section works recursively. A class for PHP4 users was added. See sample3.php and sample4.php for a review of how to use it. The sample for PHP4 compatibility version is also available.

      •  06 Jul 2005 10:57

        Release Notes: The "sample2.php" sample file was added to serve as an example document. It is used to add or edit an item from the browse page.

        •  28 Jun 2005 06:50

          Release Notes: This is a pre-release version. It supports looping logic such as for table appearance.


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