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03 Jun 2007 03:07 gvy

another c++ project on the same topic
here are links for 'osec' integrity checker tool used in ALT Linux:;a=summary

you might be interested in sharing some effort.

PS: how does wmnd do? :)

06 Jan 2001 17:15 karellen

This tool is pretty nice and it has most of the things I wanted
from a file integrity verification system: constant datbases,
file attributes like inode, pemissions, number of links, uid,
gid, file size, access and modification times, and of course
SHA checksums. It's statically linked with OpenSSL and CDB,
so things don't get messed up if someone poisons your libs.
Very simple config file syntax (syslog.conf like) and checksum
generation for the current/known state database so you know
if it's been tampered with. See the homepage for more info.

Keep up the good work, I'd like to see this included in Debian ;*)


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