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instmake allows you to instrument builds with GNU Make and then analyze what happened during those builds. It saves a very detailed build log and has reports to analyze those records. The reports provide you better insight into the build, allow you to find race conditions, and to analyze the parallelism of the build.

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  •  16 Feb 2013 01:32

Release Notes: This release adds the ability for any application used during the build to write arbitrary fields into the instmake log. It adds a JSON print plugin. It fixes a problem when instmake is called from make via "$(SHELL)", and is not chmod +x. It has special support for site-specific plugins, so that your local plugins can easily be packaged with instmake for your local distribution.

  •  21 Mar 2010 11:39

Release Notes: This is a mature tool that has been in use for many years, but this is the first release to the Open Source world.


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A simple-to-use time tracker.


Project Spotlight

PCI Utilities

Utilities for diagnostics and configuration of PCI devices.