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antioch is a Web application for building scalable, interactive virtual worlds. Begun as a MOO-like system for building virtual worlds, the goal was to take the LambdaMOO approach to creating online worlds, and update it in hopes of attracting new players to an old idea. Like many MOO clones before it, antioch uses Python as its internal scripting language. This provides a powerful environment for game authors, while a flexible object model allows for creation of complex in-game objects.

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Last announcement

Massive Refactorings for Upcoming 1.0 Release 16 Dec 2010 19:14

Although it's still pretty far from a final release, a series of massive changes have been made to the antioch codebase since its last major development stretch. An official developer preview release is coming soon, but until then you can always grab your own copy from GitHub! * Massive rewrites for most of the codebase. * Shared-nothing deployment architecture * Objects loaded from PostgreSQL database * Simple system for spawning new databases * Message passing occurs via RabbitMQ server * Verbs run synchronously inside child processes * Created module system for extending GUI * Object editors re-styled and cleaned up, implemented as module * Using jQuery UI, both jQuery libs loaded from Google CDN

Recent releases

  •  17 Dec 2010 17:46

    Release Notes: This is the first official developer preview release of the antioch virtual reality framework. It implements a text-based MUD-like environment, and has been updated with modern trappings such as an AJAX-based client and limited graphical support. There's still a lot to be done before this is ready for less advanced users, but if you've written or programmed a MUD before, you'll find a very stable toolset with a basic defined universe ready for expansion.

    •  17 Oct 2005 23:35

      Release Notes: The game/world framework is essentially complete, but much documentation still needs to be written. There's a lot of very functional material to play with, and anything that's not implemented yet can generally be written as in-game verb code.


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