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09 Oct 2009 13:58 shlomif

Inkscape is a superb vector graphics editor. Back when I was still using Windows (first 3.x - then 95/98/etc.), I remember learning how to use Corel-Draw and finding it a great way to create attractive graphics relatively easily. As a result, I've been waiting for a decent vector graphics editor on Linux for a long time.

With xfig being incredibly counter-intuitive and non-discoverable, and skencil being incredibly limited (and one that also undergone a lengthy rewrite), and Kontour (formerly KIllustrator) being relatively nice, but not too powerful, I was very happy when Sodipodi was forked into Inkscape and that we finally had a powerful, open-source, well-documented and intuitive vector graphics program, and that it was truly cross-platform.

I still miss some features from Corel-Draw (like perspective transformation, its so-called Fractal Fill, etc.) but Inkscape has some distinctive advantages, such as better support for Alpha translucency. And naturally, while I can no longer open some of my old CDR files due to missing fonts or lack of support for my old Corel-Draw version (4), Inkscape files are standard and documented SVG.

I recommend everyone to go over the Inkscape tutorials which are very instructive and enlightening.

Finally, here are some designs I've created using Inkscape. Not very artistic, but still may be attractive and get the point across.



13 May 2009 13:15 Danilchenko

Very simple and powerfull replacement of Adobe Illustrator.
I use it with GIMP for create newest web2.0 sites.
Good translated on my native russian language!


P.S. Please, add underlined option for text edit. Thanks!

27 Feb 2009 22:51 cade

new release, 0.46


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