Version 0.3 of ink

Release Notes: This release makes use of the new features of libinklevel 0.6: better error reporting, and the name of the printer is displayed.

Other releases

  •  20 Feb 2010 22:05

Release Notes: A new parameter has been introduced to specify a threshold that limits the ink levels displayed to the ones below or equal to the threshold. A man page has been added. The build system has been changed to autoconf and automake.

  •  30 Jan 2009 18:56

Release Notes: This version requires at least libinklevel version 0.8.0. Support for Canon BJNP network printers has been added. Support for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris has been added.

  •  29 May 2007 11:15

Release Notes: A bug in the ink cartridge naming has been removed.

  •  14 Mar 2007 09:18

Release Notes: This release requires libinklevel 0.7.0. Two new parameters have been added: one for querying the version information of ink and libinklevel, and one for directly specifying the USB device to which the printer is connected.

Release Notes: This release has been adapted to the changes in libinklevel. It requires libinklevel version 0.6.6rc6 or higher.


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Project Spotlight


A configuration tool for managing Linux kernel packet filtering rules of the nf_tables packet filter.