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Version H3 (1.1.1) of Ingo

Release Notes: Backward compatibility with Horde 3.0.x has been restored. The filter setting to stop further filtering is enabled by default now. Small bug fixes and improvements have been made. Estonian and Greek translations have been added, and Danish, Dutch, and German translations have been updated.

Other releases

Release Notes: This release updates the Danish translation and adds small bugfixes and improvements.

  •  29 Oct 2013 23:38

Release Notes: This release fixes an XSS vulnerability.

  •  16 Jul 2013 21:46

Release Notes: This release fixes advanced options for Sieve vacation rules. It fixes disabling features by locking preferences.

  •  13 Jun 2013 01:08

Release Notes: This release restores compatibility with PHP 5.3 and fixes filtering on user-defined headers.

Release Notes: This release adds composite script and transport backends, a vacation driver for ISPConfig and custom SQL queries, and small improvements.


Project Spotlight


A cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline.


Project Spotlight


Software that converts data into something meaningful and interpretable.