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The Infrared-HOWTO (formerly known as the IR-HOWTO) is an introduction to Linux and infrared devices and how to use the software provided by the Linux/IrDA project. This package uses IrDA(TM) compliant standards. Remote Control (RC) via infrared is not the aim of the project, though this topic is partly treated in the HOWTO.


Recent releases

  •  14 Dec 2011 13:09

    Release Notes: The link to lircemu has been changed; links and descriptions to smartmenu as well as to iowlircemu have been added.

    •  09 Oct 2005 20:18

      Release Notes: A technical and a language review have been performed. Numerous bugs have been fixed and many URLs have been updated. Some obsolete code has been removed. Some documentation about Linux/IrDA with kernel 2.6 has been added (but there is still work to do).

      •  16 Jun 2003 18:02

        Release Notes: The abstract now mentions PDAs, and some links were updated.

        •  31 Mar 2003 17:56

          Release Notes: The chapter about cell phone connections was rewritten and a chapter about connections to PocketPC devices was added. Some obsolete stuff was removed and some more information about OBEX was added.

          •  05 Sep 2002 17:48

            Release Notes: The Linux PDA chapter was improved with information about PPP, OpenOBEX, printing, and more. The new syntax for the -s option of irattach was worked into the appropriate sections. A reworked and improved version of the "IrDA and USB" chapter was included. The printing stuff was also reworked and the obsolete hints to irlpt_server and IrLPT were removed. A description of how to use the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) was added. Information about some LIRC programs (IR Chooser, IControl, jlirc) was included.


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