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15 May 2011 13:41 mbhangui

finally debian packages available for indimail on obs

05 Apr 2011 02:50 mbhangui

This is release 1.8 and not 1.9. My mistake and looks like I cannot change the release number in the announcement

26 Mar 2010 10:59 mbhangui

Release 1.7.2 will come with QMTP service. Release 1.7.2 will allow qmail-multi to user alternate queue program (like qmail-qmqpc) instead of qmail-queue.

Stay tuned for 1.7.2 release in the last week of Mar

09 Mar 2010 11:12 mbhangui

Release 1.7.1 will feature a tls/ssl protocol wrapper called sslerator. This will enable IMAP/POP3 proxies to support STARTTLS. Additionally, the man page for indimail has been expanded to include description of all commands

22 Sep 2009 11:18 mbhangui

IndiMail now has a git repo at git://

12 Sep 2009 10:39 mbhangui

A tutorial on how to configure greylisting is at

07 Sep 2009 06:25 mbhangui

Release 1.6 will feature BATV and greylisting


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