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08 Aug 2001 16:46 learfox

Broken dependencies
I wanted to try out Imlib2 by developing a
test app for it. I tried to use the rpm version
but it's broken for Redhat 6.x.

Installing the source, Imlib2 required freetype
which in turn needed to be compiled by something
called jam which in turn had incorrect instructions for compiling itself.

After a night of getting jam compiled, freetype
was compiled with jam but jam was missing the
install routine so freetype had to be guess
istalled. Once that was installed Imlib2
produced a compile error in src/font.h where
it appears some freetype header was being
included but for some reason its prototypes
were still not being defined.

The problem appears to be either Imlib2 or
freetype, I reported the problem to the authors
but the freetype author's accounts seem to be
no longer valid.


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