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Avatar July 21, 2010 20:36 BPM solutions using Java EE

The Imixs Workflow project is an open source project that relieved the construction of business process management systems (BPMS). An essential part of the project are the Imixs JEE Workflow components. These components can be used to build BPM so...

Avatar March 01, 2011 12:50 Imixs Community Site update

The Imixs Project was successful migrated on the Open Source Project Site.
Now to join the Imixs community is much more simple and you can use a lot of the new community features.

Avatar June 29, 2011 20:16 Imixs Workflow 3.0 - new project structure

As part of the new version 3.0 of the Imixs Workfow project the structure of the sub-projects will be simplified. In future only the artefacts

- imixs-workflow-core
- imixs-workflow-engine
- imixs-workflow-faces

will be necessary to i...

Avatar July 23, 2011 15:27 New Java EE 6 Tutorial

On the Imixs Worklfow Blog we provide a new tutorial about how to build business application with Imixs Workflow and Java EE 6. The tutorial explains the basic steps adding the Imixs Workflow engine and configuration of security and RESTfull Servi...

Avatar January 27, 2012 18:12 Version 3.0.1 final release

Today the final version 3.0.1 of Imixs Workflow was released. This release includes full support of JSON objects provided through the Imixs REStfull Service API. So it is now possible to exchange all business data in JSON format from any JavaScrip...

Avatar February 25, 2012 09:58 New JavaScript Framework for Business Apps

Imixs releases the first version of 'Imixs Workflow Script!'
'Imixs Workflow Script!' makes it possible for developers to build business apps only with HTML and JavaScript. The framework provides a JavaScipt workflow library for browser-based wor...

Avatar March 12, 2014 21:49 Imixs migrates to GitHub

We have now started the migration of the Imixs Workflow sources from Subversion to Git. In the past all sources of the Imixs Workflow Project were available on But now we started the migration to GitHub. This will make it easier for the ...


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