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IMIRC is an AOL Instant Messenger to IRC gateway. It connects to an IRC network as an IRC server, so it requires a local ircd to run. IMIRC creates nicknames for AIM users as they sign on, and converts HTML codes, which are used by AIM for formatting, to IRC's control code equivalents. Please note that you must either have your own working IRC server or you must find someone willing to let you link to theirs.

Operating Systems

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  •  27 Feb 2004 13:38

Release Notes: This release adds support for buddy icons, extended status messages, and screennames and ICQ UINs. It also features improvements to the help system and idle time reporting, and adds support for Ultimate IRCd.

  •  01 Mar 2002 01:03

Release Notes: This release contains some Unreal and P0210 IRC protocol fixes, adds some additional crash protection, and has a few other small bugfixes.

  •  25 Feb 2002 04:28

Release Notes: This release fixes the "session opened in another location" problem and adds a "help credits" command.

  •  18 Feb 2002 14:40

Release Notes: An important connection-handling fix for a bug that caused IMIRC to use all available CPU resources.

Release Notes: In this release, connection handling has been cleaned up and the optimizations added for poll-based handling in RC7 have also been applied to select-based handling. Also, the combination of RC7, Net::OSCAR 0.60, and poll-based handling was dangerously broken, so this release requires Net::OSCAR 0.61.

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31 Dec 2000 12:06 pwd329

Wonderful Product
I've been using aimirc on and off for the past few months. Both on the server, as well as my local IRCd and have been nothing but impressed. It seems like everytime I come up with a great new idea I go get the latest CVS version and it has already been implemented. Most importantly Matt is always around for help, when needed. I look forward to the new aimirc 2.0 release. All in all, aimirc is a wonderful product that Matt Sachs has put out and I encourage everyone needing some form of AIM client for Linux to try it out, sure does beat the heck out of the not-so-stable GAIM, and the buggy-as-hell TiK clients. ;-)


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A Perl/XML log analyzer, alerter, and reporter.


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Aspose.Pdf for Java

A Java component to create PDF documents.