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ImgView is a simple image viewer for Unix-like systems. It is free from menus and other GUI gadgets, and controlled primarily by the keyboard. It supports the following image file formats: XBM, PBM/PGM/PPM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and PCX. It supports RGB, Gray, and CMYK ICC profiles in JPEG, RGB and Gray ICC profiles in TIFF and PNG, and RGB ICC profiles in GIF.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  14 Apr 2014 13:17

    Release Notes: ImgView now uses POSIX regular expressions instead of PCRE.

    •  03 Apr 2014 12:56

      Release Notes: It is now recommended to install libpng, lib tiff, and libungif in $HOME/imgview, in order to avoid possible clashes with other versions of these libraries, should they already be installed in your $HOME. The Makefile has been updated to include $HOME/imgview in the compiler and linker search paths.

      •  25 Mar 2014 12:29

        Release Notes: This release implemented more readable variable names in the configuration file and the environment.

        •  24 Mar 2014 20:03

          Release Notes: A File Open dialog has been implemented with the help of YAD (Yet Another Dialog).

          •  19 Mar 2014 20:25

            Release Notes: This release skips ICC color transforms if the input and output profiles are equal. It adds "-lX11" to the LIBS variable in the Makefile, which seems to be needed on some systems.


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