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Release Notes: A new --search option was added, allowing you to select messages with the powerful IMAP SEARCH command. What can be done is selection by dates, any flag, From, Subject, body string, any Header, sizes, uids, etc. Bugs were fixed to better handle folder creation, so it's no longer a failure when a folder "already exists" during its creation. The way imapsync deals with headers was improved so that message duplicate issues are now rare. Reconnections are well done in TLS mode now. Many other small bugfixes and usability improvements were made. The default behavior is now the best one for most cases.

  •  22 Feb 2011 05:44

Release Notes: This release adds better performance and reliability. A --usecache option speeds up transfers when using multiple runs by a factor of at least two. A --useuid can be used to speed up or deal with problems using headers (by avoiding duplicate transfers). The performance of --usecache when used with MS Exchange was improved. A 'not enough memory' issue with big messages was fixed by using the Mail-IMAPClient 3.27 Perl module. The license hasn't changed, but Imapsync is no longer gratis from the home page.

Release Notes: This release adds TLSv1 support, new release checking, a --noreleasecheck option, and reconnect behavior. It removes the Date::Manip dependency. It is more efficient with large mailboxes. Duplicate messages on host2 are now deleted with --delete2. --skipsize is turned on by default. --debugimap1 and --debugimap2 have been added to permit IMAP output with only one host. Statistics have been added on average bandwidth rate and messages deleted. Flags are now exactly synced from host1 to host2 Filter flags sync with the list given by PERMANENTFLAGS on --host2.

Release Notes: Gmail IMAP is now supported. This version works fine under Windows XP, and works with Mail::IMAPClient 3.xx and 2.2.9. Many bugs were fixed.

  •  11 Feb 2008 06:23

Release Notes: The program has begun to be IMAPClient 3.0.0 compliant.

  •  27 Feb 2006 22:00

Release Notes: --buffersize, --expunge1, --expunge2, --fastio1, --fastio2, --minage, --useheader, --prefix1, and --foldersizes options were added. The documentation was updated. The tool is now "IMAP4 Namespace" RFC 2342 compliant. More than 20 different IMAP server softwares have now been successfully migrated or synchronised.

  •  16 Mar 2005 09:07

Release Notes: ACLs are now synchronized. Statistics are reported. Folders may be renamed. MD5 authentication was added. Message transformations via regular expressions are allowed.

  •  27 Dec 2003 09:28

Release Notes: CRAM-MD5 support was added, eliminating passwords in plain text. Mailbox subscription synchronization was added. Handling of namespace separator was added. Synchronization of flags was improved. A list of tested IMAP servers is included.


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