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15 Apr 2013 13:29 haythemhb

Perfect piece of software

11 Feb 2012 11:29 michelp

Great tool for users migration between servers. Powerful, solid, easy to use, easily scriptable... A must have.

21 May 2011 23:29 kawarmc

Perfect piece of software. It's just an awesome software to migrate IMAP servers and accounts. Thank you so much.

16 May 2011 21:42 amandabee

I was getting errors, neither server liked CRAM-MD5 until I specified --authmech1 PLAIN and --authmec2 PLAIN. Seems to be working now, however.

15 Apr 2011 20:08 Hobart

What 'dfens' has said appears to be incorrect. imapsync is under the WTFPL as per - this license is listed on as "... a free software license, very permissive and GPL-compatible." , and mentioned on as "no different from dedication to the public domain". The author happens to require payment if you want a copy of the latest code FROM HIS SITE, but the terms of his license allow further redistribution (such as from rot13 uggcf:// :)

07 Mar 2011 10:26 dfens

It should somehow be noted, that this is now a commercial program. On you can read, that you now have to pay to get access to the program.

13 Dec 2010 22:43 damian_kelly

Excellent. Migration worked easily. Now using to mirror two servers - works smoothly.

27 Nov 2010 22:08 haximurati

Awesome fast, also the status is synced, this program ROCKS :-)
Just migrated 1.352 accounts in a row, using --dry before messing up is highly recommended ;-)

30 Apr 2010 18:58 sherpadave

What is the latest version of IMAPSYNC? I see in the Recent Releases, verison 1.286 is stated... but the downloads... the latest "modified" is 1.311, while the highest version is 1.99.

What's the most recent version?


29 Apr 2010 00:36 jeffcovey

@jwarnier Thanks for the heads-up, I updated the listing.


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