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ImageMagick (TM) is a package for the automated and interative manipulation of images. It supports the display and interactive manipulation of images when used with the X Window System. Although the software is copyrighted by ImageMagick Studio, it is available for free and can be redistributed without fee. ImageMagick may be used as a component of both open source and proprietary applications. ImageMagick compiles and runs under Unix, Linux, Windows '95 and later, Apple MacOS, and Compaq VMS. Binary packages are available for most operating systems. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are provided to support development of image processing applications in the C, C++, and Perl languages.


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Release Notes: This release adds security fixes, feature enhancements, and code cleanup.

  •  21 Aug 2009 08:11

Release Notes: The "composite" methods were rewritten and enhanced.

  •  23 Apr 2006 05:32

Release Notes: Thread safety was improved.

  •  17 Feb 2006 17:17

Release Notes: This release prevents shell command injection in delegate code (via filenames) and stops some memory leaks.

  •  10 Apr 2005 18:26

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes, security fixes, and code cleanup.

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15 Feb 2005 19:11 Avatar learfox Thumbs up

Wand API

I'm very impressed with the Wand API, it does "work like magic"! It's simple, straight forward and no-nonsense, I really like that!

The documentation and tutorials could use some improvement though, actually there aren't any tutorials. But it's still a great API and all the code behind it.

26 Sep 2004 03:46 tokkee

Re: Insatallation problems under Debian Linux

> can't find xarch.h
> which is required for the x.lo compile

I guess this response is too late, but maybe someone else has the same problem....

Debian stable: (

Debian unstable: (

Debian testing: (

On ( you can search for a specific package and search the contents of all packages.

09 Jul 2003 16:29 jrjohns3

Awesome...saves me tons of time.
I was always trying to mess with Gimp and other programs to rotate my pictures one by one and I even tried messing with another program to make thumbnails, but this program takes care of all my problems. Thanks for the great program! (

04 Nov 2002 23:43 Avatar rfabbri Thumbs up

Good Software, but lacks doc

This is good software,
but there's no comprehensive doc.
If you want to program in the C API,
you will only have some reference documentation
along with the source code. But, I repeat,
this is great software!

21 Feb 2002 12:06 DropBear42

Insatallation problems under Debian Linux
Can't seem to find the mailing list, so I'll post my question here.

I'm trying to install ImageMagick on my Debian Linux server and am getting the following error during the "make install" step

can't find xarch.h

which is required for the x.lo compile

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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