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ImageArchive is a PHP class for browsing images. This class enables you to look through a tree structure of images as thumbnails and then to zoom in to an individual image and rotate it. The zoomed image is created on the fly and can be a variety of sizes. The GD extension is required on the server, and JavaScript is required on the client. The class was tested on Apache under Windows and Linux, but does not contain any Apache-specific code.


Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2003 13:37

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Recent comments

    03 Apr 2006 00:40 thomaswp

    ImageArchive is pretty much retired, but...
    I have not looked at this for years, but still get the odd email. I thought that this was good:

    %I just added 7 lines so that a directory in the %archive can be referenced in a link...

    %I added these lines:
    > if (strlen($_GET['pf']) > 1)
    > {
    > $parentFolder = stripslashes($_GET['pf']);
    > $this->ARCHIVE_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
    > $this->VIRTUAL_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
    > $this->VIRTUAL_ARCHIVE_ROOT .= $parentFolder."/";
    > }

    %after the parentfolder clause that looks very similar.


    18 Jun 2003 01:50 thomaswp

    Processor speed vs Image size
    Ironically I just bought a new digital camera, and the 4 Megapixel pictures are just too big for my P166 Mandrake 9.1 server to cope with without timing out. I am thinking that I will a property SERVER_PROCESSOR_SPEED_GHZ and use that to control a few settings and messages. Watch this space.


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