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im-chooser is a GUI frontend application featured with IMSettings to choose the input method you want to use. It can also disable input methods entirely on the desktop. This allows you to pick an input method and switch it on demand without restarting either your applications or your desktop.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2013 08:37

Release Notes: This release fixed a minor build issue. Pre-built man pages are available in the archive.

  •  28 May 2013 13:10

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed and a man page was added.

  •  23 Nov 2012 20:01

Release Notes: This release contains translation updates and fixes of the FSF address in the source code.

  •  02 Nov 2012 22:00

Release Notes: This release contains only translation updates.

  •  12 Jul 2012 19:54

Release Notes: This release contains some deprecated warning fixes from GTK+3 and imsettings 1.3.0 support.


Project Spotlight


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Project Spotlight


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