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ike-scan discovers IPsec VPN servers, and can fingerprint them using UDP backoff and Vendor ID fingerprinting techniques. It supports IKE Main Mode and Aggressive Mode. ike-scan allows flexible specification of the outgoing IKE packet, and decodes the response packets. It also supports pre-shared key cracking for IKE aggressive mode with pre-shared key authentication.

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  •  25 Jan 2007 07:11

Release Notes: A wiki is available at IKEv2 is supported with --ikev2. The --rcookie option sets an outgoing responder cookie. psk-crack permits dictionary to be read from stdin. --nat-t enables RFC 3947 NAT Traversal. --sourceip spoofs the source IP. Backoff patterns with only one packet are supported. psk-crack is supported for the Nortel proprietary algorithm. --shownum displays the packet number. --timestamp displays the time a packet was received. --randomseed specifies PRNG seed. The PRNG implementation was changed from rand() to Mersenne Twister. "make check" tests new features and has greater code coverage.

  •  22 Jun 2006 07:21

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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