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IIViewer is an application for X, and optionally for the Linux framebuffer device. It allows you to display pictures in a directory as thumbnail images. Selected images can then be displayed at full size. It reads BMP, GIF, and JPEG images (even without additional libraries), but it is also able to use libjpeg, libtiff, and libpng.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Aug 2003 03:03

    Release Notes: Plenty of warnings were fixed, and strict compilation switches have been set. A few corrections were made in X support to prevent SEGFAULTs and fix graphics output on many machines. iiview should be more portable and more compatible now.

    •  03 Nov 2001 01:02

      Release Notes: Fixes for problems with non-images as commandline argument, a new console-fontpath for Red Hat, removal of a compiler-warning, "directory" support for TIFF files, fixes for PNG support, C++ style comments have been deleted, and updates to the Makefile for easier configuration.

      •  29 Oct 2001 14:42

        Release Notes: 24-bit mode has been implemented. The sources were restructured. The Makefile has been rewritten, and the default make target no longer builds framebuffer support. A faster thumbnail preview method for X was implemented. Framebuffer support has been fixed, and caching for framebuffer mode has been implemented. Calls to usleep were inserted in the keyboard-input loops for the framebuffer code. The behavior in case of errors was fixed.

        •  18 Oct 2001 22:12

          Release Notes: PNG support has been partially implemented. A segmentation fault when changing into a non-accessible directory has been fixed. A bug when changing into a not readable directory has been fixed, missing fcloses have been inserted into all modules, and the README has been updated.

          •  14 Mar 2001 09:08

            Release Notes: Fixes for an XPutImage bug (DefaultDC doesn't work for Solaris) and a segfault.


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