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Release Notes: This release includes performance enhancements, bugfixes, and several major new features including support for JPEG2000 images and caching via Memcached and for dynamic watermarking.

Release Notes: This release contains some important security fixes and enhancements, improvements in performance, and several new features. Notably, image export via the CVT command to arbitrary pixel sizes and support for both the Zoomify and DeepZoom protocols, allowing IIPImage to be used with several 3rd party clients. In addition, there is image timestamping, improved HTTP header support, and numerous bugfixes. All users are advised to upgrade.

  •  14 Dec 2006 06:57

Release Notes: The major new feature is a hillshading function for image relief maps. In addition, major stability and performance enhancements have been made to the tile cache. There has also been a major code cleanup and refactoring to make the core fully modular.

Release Notes: Support for 16-bit TIFF images and a server tile cache and contrast control were added. The program is also now compatible with tiled TIFF images produced with the latest versions of VIPS. In addition, it now works on both Mac OS X and Solaris.

Release Notes: Full support for the RGN command, improved error handling which also better conforms to the IIP spec, automatic CIELAB colour space conversion for CVT commands, a CVT limiter to prevent crashes due to too large image requests, full doxygen-generated class documentation included, and several other small bugfixes.


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