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Release Notes: This version adds the ability to filter by user agent, as well as the ability to generate histograms showing how user activity varies over time from the the user's first connection.

Release Notes: This is the initial release of IIPAnalyze, a tool for analyzing IIP protocol tile requests for use with the IIPImage server. It can tell you which are the most-viewed regions of a particular image and display histograms showing tile usage, globally or per resolution level. It can also output hotspot image maps showing which regions of a particular image are most-viewed for any given resolution.

Release Notes: This release includes performance enhancements, bugfixes, and several major new features including support for JPEG2000 images and caching via Memcached and for dynamic watermarking.

Release Notes: This release fixes several major bugs relating to the calculation of resolution levels and tile sizes. There are also several new features, including an optional navigation window, improved text readability, and new icons.

  •  26 Feb 2010 02:47

    Release Notes: This is the initial release of IIPZoom, a new fast lightweight flash client for IIPImage. It features smooth, fluid zooming and panning.

    Release Notes: This release contains some important security fixes and enhancements, improvements in performance, and several new features. Notably, image export via the CVT command to arbitrary pixel sizes and support for both the Zoomify and DeepZoom protocols, allowing IIPImage to be used with several 3rd party clients. In addition, there is image timestamping, improved HTTP header support, and numerous bugfixes. All users are advised to upgrade.

    Release Notes: The AJAX Javascript client has been upgraded to use Mootools 1.2. This release includes many improvements, including navigation buttons, a draggable navigation window, and a loading progress bar. In addition, tile layers can be added to the view to allow image blending and for IIPMooViewer to be used to build advanced image visualization applications. See the demo page for an example of an online multispectral image visualization application built with IIPMooViewer.

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  14 Dec 2006 06:57

    Release Notes: The major new feature is a hillshading function for image relief maps. In addition, major stability and performance enhancements have been made to the tile cache. There has also been a major code cleanup and refactoring to make the core fully modular.


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