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07 Nov 2004 11:34 crocodylus

IglooFTP-PRO :( :( :(
It segfaults like crazy :( Especially if connection timed out on remote end and I try to refresh dir... It should reconnect but it segfaults. It not store passwords correctly when checkbox 'security options' is on.

02 Feb 2001 05:44 mathieur

I dont see how FM moderators works
Moderators shouldnt let pass things likes "offers
much more features than any other graphical client
available on Unix based systems" and others things
like "the best client" or "the #1 ftp

The description should be a description of the
software, not a free advertisement
("washing-machine powder X is the best !")...

01 Feb 2001 23:22 RKAa

Re: IglooFTP PRO
(Not a reply - can't figure out how to add a
comment without clicking reply anymore.)
Just purchaced a licence of 1.0.2 PRO after
testing it. This is the most robust GUI-based FTP
app i've seen till now - counting Windows too. And
quick :) Top scores for functionality and features
- and *almost* top scores for the looks ;) (I
don't like that blue-ish color on the native editor.)

29 Sep 1999 15:03 airfabio

Alpha systems
there is no alpha binary for the PRO version (funny, since there is an ad for Aspen's Alpha boxes on the site). Anyone tried the non-pro version on Alpha?
btw. screenshots look good.

07 Sep 1999 08:50 AHinMaine

I completely retract my previous comments. :) It wasn't obvious, but the feature was there. RTFM would've helped, I'm sure.
Oh, and the netscape problem was because I had to disable PASV mode. DOH... my bad.

31 Aug 1999 17:10 littleiglo

Since the *First* released version of IglooFTP
you can send raw command like "site exec locate" to a
FTP server by using the remote host prompt located
under the remote panel. But maybe is it one of those
"useless" features you are talking about...
Also, you can perfectly use IglooFTP to connect to as you can see Here.

27 Aug 1999 12:02 AHinMaine

I also notice now that you can't even use this program to connect to, it connects to the server, gets the motd, and that's it, hung. ncftp works fine though, even when connecting to the exact same ftp server ip at netscape.

23 Aug 1999 08:48 AHinMaine

New version is still not much more than glitter. It has some of the features that are expected of an ftp client, some that are useless, and is still lacking others. You *STILL* can't execute commands remotely. I find myself using good old ncftp still simply because I do 'site exec locate' or similar commands frequently.

CuteFTP was a great ftp client for M$ and if all of the features get implemented, Igloo will be great too.

28 Jul 1999 12:59 karellen

site sucks
The frst thing is that the distribution site is full of HTML spam and it looks like sh*t in lynx.
The second thing about it is that I can't find the sources for the new distribution. Is it bin-only? If so it deeply sucks.
Otherwise it's a really nice FTP client and it looks good too.


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