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Independent FTP Daemon

iFTPd is an FTP server that features platform independence, system independence, ruggedness, and a virtual file system. The target audience is those admins that need to be able to share files without having to install several other programs and databases, and without having to configure the rest of the system.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Oct 2010 16:54

    Release Notes: Settings weren't being read due to uppercase/lowercase differences.

    •  11 Sep 2010 19:58

      Release Notes: OPTS UTF8 ON support was added. The directory listing was always UTF8, though. Filezilla should now be happy.

      •  24 Jul 2010 13:49

        Release Notes: PASV can reply with different IP addresses depending on which IP address a request was received on. Multiple scripts can be run. Scripts are read from the user file and the groups directory (groupname.scripts). Scripts can be run before and after FTP commands.

        •  29 May 2010 22:52

          Release Notes: The timezone is correctly handled via MDTM and MFTM. LIST can now list files older than 1 year old. FEAT now answers correctly, which enables MFMT et al to work properly. File times are now in 24-hour time.

          •  22 Jun 2006 21:29

            Release Notes: SSL (AUTH TLS) support has been added. Old scripts have been replaced with ALLO has been added for binary mode, but untested because no clients support it. Groups can contain other groups. SITE UTIME support has been added. Group files can have empty lines. CLNT support has been added. StatusToHtml (#CLIENTNAME#) has been added. The rename bug has been fixed (only worked with full paths before). Aborted transfer notification should finally be fixed. FEAT support has been added. IdleStrictChecking has been added in iftpd and iftpd.conf.


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