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23 May 2014 13:59 alexandre4545

Wish I found out about iftop earlier, such a useful tool!

09 Dec 2009 19:35 BlueH2O

Nice tool. Wish it would display in my local charset (UTF-8) instead of gibberish, but otherwise great.

27 Apr 2005 21:58 pevans

Useful to me daily
I'm very thankful for this code. I use it on a daily basis as one of my monitors.

I have a couple of old monitors running splitvt beside me all day and one 'screen' is always running iftop. I even run it occassionaly on my own box when I've forgotten what my own network should be doing (say, a cron); I've caught more than a few ssh dict attacks that way.

Simple yet awsome -- THANKS!! :-)

30 Oct 2003 19:39 nurikabe

Very useful.

22 May 2003 08:46 netzlogin

Definitely a great tool
my first tool to analyse my network traffic !

25 Apr 2003 05:56 drbic

iftop: in a word.. COOL.
I'm using your software since some day, and I have to admit that's very useful. Thank you a lot for your time and energy, BiC.


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