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IFSgr is a command line two-dimensional linear IFS (Iterated Function System) grayscale renderer. It uses Fractint's IFS file format, and features automatic fractal scaling and gray level adjustment and consistent image look independent of size or the numbers of iterations. It can also convert Fractint files to Gimp IFS Compose files and back.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Mar 2006 00:04

    Release Notes: The code should be 64-bit clean now.

    •  13 May 2004 20:59

      Release Notes: libifsgr is an official feature now, and its API is documented. There is an RPM package available.

      •  31 Mar 2004 18:27

        Release Notes: An IFS compose file parsing bug was fixed. Only base names of IFC Compose input files are used for fractal/output names. IFSgr can read FDESIGN TRN files. Quality is no longer a function of margin width. Documentation was improved and new examples added.

        •  24 Mar 2004 23:51

          Release Notes: IFSgr can now read IFS Compose files and write Fractint files, so conversion is possible in both directions. A real manual page has been written. Singular transformations are exported as almost-singular to the IFS Compose format, so it can at least load them. Multiple outputs to a single file are now concatenated together instead of each overwriting the previous one.

          •  20 Mar 2004 01:17

            Release Notes: Rotation finally works. It is possible apply an arbitrary sequence of affine transformations -- rotation, skew, asymmetrization, and flipping -- on the fractal before rendering or export. Much larger images can be rendered with higher quality (due to a switch to 64-bit iteration counting). Raw pixel hit counts can be exported to a PGM-like format.


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