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ifGraph is a set of Perl scripts created to help network administrators to visualize network flow on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The graphics are created with RRDTool, and it shows bytes (in/out) and errors for each interface. It also shows the current/average/max use and the respective link/interface usage in percentages. The program also outputs HTML files to make the visualization of the PNG/GIF/GD images more friendly and easy.


Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2004 05:28

    Release Notes: This release adds a Spanish template, and a contrib directory, containing some script and configuration files.

    •  17 Nov 2003 15:12

      Release Notes: A string bound check bug in readconf() was fixed. was not verifying the type when it was a command target. A bug in the [no]legend and [no]rigid options with OID and COMMAND targets was fixed. The update and precision directives were added. The [no]minorgrid option was added, and causes the --no-minor option to be passed to rrdtool. The -T flag was added, which will make use the $^T Perl variable in the rrdtool updates. The default is to use the rrdtool "N" string.

      •  17 Oct 2003 18:22

        Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs and added some observations in the documentation.

        •  30 Aug 2003 00:36

          Release Notes: A new graph=[yes|true|no|false] directive was added. The global variables rrdtool, rrddir, graphdir and template now have default values. Color::Rgb was added to the script so it can convert RGB strings to the hexadecimal required by rrdtool. Fixes were made for ifgraph not checking the heartbeat of the rrdfiles or not checking if a COUNTER rrd was getting reset. ifgraph can now execute commands and get its output to feed an rrd database.

          •  28 May 2003 13:42

            Release Notes: This version is basically the same as 0.4.9rc2 with support for MAC addresses in the HH:HH:HH:HH:HH:HH format octet string returned by some SNMP agents. This was added only in the script, not in and

            Recent comments

            25 Aug 2004 11:02 inuczu

            Congratulatuons, keep te project
            It is a great program Ricardo, congratulations, its like me more than MRTG

            Saludos desde Mexico Cabrones!!

            04 Dec 2003 12:51 larsthegle

            According to 'whois', the registration of '' seems to be in limbo (as per Thu Dec 4 20:50:03 UTC 2003). Any estimate on when it will return to normal status again?


            09 Nov 2001 12:36 sartori

            Re: Comments
            My plans, for now, are to use variables in English, but mantaining comments in my native language (Portuguese). When I improve my English vocabulary, probably comments will be in En also.

            > Hi, can you make your variables and
            > comments in english?

            02 Nov 2001 04:13 sasvirco

            Hi, can you make your variables and comments in english?

            17 Jul 2001 23:36 sartori

            Re: Home server seems down

            > The server seems to
            > be down at the moment (2001-07-17 20:30
            > UTC).

            Yes :/ it is down. We're changing the hardware of the servers and moving the servers itself to another building :/ Tomorrow I'll double time to bring things back online. :)


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