Comments for Image Display System

11 Nov 2005 20:15 rootman

I agree with the previous poster . . .
. . .Anthony Clark.

I used IDS for a few years on a home server. It looks like development has stopped on this software. The last update was in '02.

I tried Gallery too and after a few fairly simple software updates and I was in buisiness.

25 Jun 2003 13:28 dizzysaurus

Dropped this in favour of Gallery

I loved this gallery system. Visitors could resize images and adding images was easy. Problem is that my wife couldn't easily add an image or create galleries and the whole system was really slow. After a year of seemingly no new development (I really wanted mod_perl support to speed things up) I just gave up.

I moved our photos to Gallery ( and haven't looked back. My wife can upload pictures, create new galleries and more without having to learn a unix command line and the whole system is really quick.


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