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iDMC is user-friendly software for the simulation and analysis of non-linear models. It was designed both as a teaching and research tool, and is very easy to use (a userís guide is available). Numerical calculations are performed on models included in the package, or any model formulated by the user and easily encoded (a few lines with no compilation necessary). The Java graphical user interface provides fast generation of graphical data of good quality, which can be saved as .png files. Hard computational tasks are delegated to a separate, small C library.

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Recent releases

  •  11 Jul 2008 17:43

    Release Notes: The legend in Lyap.exp has been fixed. Map plot uses 'NA' instead of 'divergent'. A bug in the trajectory initialization code has been fixed. There is miscellaneous internal code cleanup. The silent error message is now reported when there are 'NaN' values in trajectory rendering.

    •  16 Apr 2008 14:03

      Release Notes: The core idmclib was upgraded to version 0.9.0. This fixes a numerical bug affecting computation of Lyapunov exponents of systems with no jacobian. A minor bug affecting plotting of trajectories with manual chart bounds was fixed.

      •  24 Mar 2008 14:20

        Release Notes: A regression introduced with version 2.0.7 was fixed: trajectory for models with more than 2 dimensions were not correctly handled. The dependency on idmclib was upgraded to a more recent version (0.8.0).

        •  02 Nov 2007 17:58

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug affecting trajectory plots when the 'automatic bounds' option is on.

          •  08 Oct 2007 00:15

            Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in trajectory plotting when the 'Variation' option is activated. Lyapunov exponents plotting in parameters space when there are diverging exponents has been fixed. Now there is one installer file for both Windows and Linux.


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